Training Times for Schoolboys, Schoolgirls & Newport Nippers

See below the astro-turf training times for our underage sides. We have lots of teams but only limited space and time slots. Please take extra care when driving in the car park with so many children in the vicinity. Year of birth is also shown for the different age groups.

U14 Schoolboys (2003) – Tuesday, 7-8pm & Thursday, 8-9pm
U13 Schoolboys (2004) – Monday, 8-9pm & Thursday, 7-8pm
U12 Schoolboys (2005) – Monday, 7-8pm & Wednesday, 7-8pm
U11 Schoolboys (2006) – Wednesday, 6-7pm
U10 Schoolboys (2007) – Thursday, 6-7pm
U16 Schoolgirls (2001) – Thursday, 5-6pm
U14 Schoolgirls (2003) – Friday, 7-8pm
U13 Schoolgirls (2004) – Friday, 7-8pm
U12 Schoolgirls (2005) – Monday, 6-7pm
U10 Schoolgirls (2007) – Monday, 6-7pm
U9 Nippers (2008) – Thursday, 6-7pm
U8 Nippers (2009) – Tuesday, 7-8pm
U6 & U7 Nippers (2010) – Friday, 6-7pm

Timetable is subject to change as deemed necessary by the committee.