LAST MAN STANDING returns on Tuesday, February 26.

Be in with a chance to win €500 and make the Premier League more interesting. Challenge your friends, family, team-mates, neighbours, work-mates etc., all while supporting the soccer club. Click the link below to see how you can enter and the competition rules. Complete the entry form and return it with payment to any player, coach, committee member by 9pm on Monday, February 25. OR there are entry forms in O’Sullivan’s Bar, Nicky English Butchers, Kennedy’s Shop or at our lotto stand at Centra on Sunday mornings. OR text or Whatsapp your name & mobile number to 089-4052382 or give your name, mobile number & payment to any committee member, team manager or player.

⚽Before each round, you pick a Premier League team you think will WIN their game.

⚽If your team wins, you are through to the next round, if your team draws or loses, you are eliminated. Last Man Standing wins.

Last Man Standing Entry Form & Rules Feb 2019

We have winners

Seamus & Willie collecting their winnings from Dave Noble

The 2 remaining players, Willie O’Neill & Seamus Bridgeman, both made it through to the final round after both their teams, Wolves & Everton, won at the weekend. The lads have decided not to take a chance and agreed to share the first prize of €500.

Thanks to everyone who took part and supported this club fundraiser. We will run another competition when the new Premier League season starts.

Round 8 Update

And then there were just 2 remaining. Before the weekend’s games, there were 19 players but after the dust had settled only Seamus Bridgeman & Willie O’Neill are left standing as we head into round 9 next weekend, thanks to victories by Fulham & Man City. With just 2 rounds of games left, will be have just one winner of the €500 or will it be shared between the two lads?

Round 8 Picks

The 19 remaining players have made their picks for round 8 and with most of them having used the big clubs already, there’s been a lot of soul-searching this week with 9 different sides being selected. Willie O’Neill had kept Man City in reserve so right now, he’s the bookies favourite to advance to round 9 with the others keeping their fingers & toes crossed. Southampton are the popular choice of 9, followed by Arsenal 3 and then Everton, Watford, Newcastle, Brighton, Man City, Palace & Fulham with one apiece. After this weekend, there will only be 2 rounds left before the season finishes but how many people are ging to make it through to round 9?

Round 7 Update

And then there were just 19. A bit of carnage over the weekend with the failure of Bournemouth, Chelsea, Man Utd, Southampton, Wolves, Leicester & Arsenal to win their games, costing 51 players their place in the competition . A lot of the players have already used the so-called big clubs so selections are becoming very interesting now. Round 8 starts this Friday, so team picks need to be in by 9pm on Thursday. This week’s games are Liverpool v Huddersfield, Spurs v West Ham, Crystal Palace v Everton, Fulham v Cardiff, Southampton v Bournemouth, Watford v Wolves, Brighton v Newcastle, Leicester v Arsenal, Burnley v Man City, Man Utd v Chelsea. Best of luck.

Round 7 Picks

70 players are still standing as we enter Round 7 and the picks are in. 10 different teams are selected and Bournemouth are the popular choice this week with 25 players opting for them, followed by , Chelsea 13, Liverpool 10, Watford 8, Wolves 5, Arsenal 4, Man Utd 2 and Leicester, Newcastle & Southampton with 1. Best of luck everyone. Continue reading

Round 6 Update

Last Man Standing continues with Round 7 starting on Easter Saturday. 14 players were eliminated at the weekend due to the failure of Brighton, Leicester & Everton to win their games so 70 players have qualified for the next round of the competition and their team picks will have to be in with us by 9pm on Friday, April 19. This week’s games are;

Man City v Spurs, Bournemouth v Fulham, Huddersfield v Watford, West Ham v Leicester, Wolves v Brighton, Newcastle v Southampton, Everton v Man Utd, Arsenal v Palace, Cardiff v Liverpool, Chelsea v Burnley

Round 6 Picks are in

84 players remain standing as we enter round 6 this weekend. The picks are Brighton 1, Burnley 3, Leicester 5, Man Utd 5, Everton 8 but Spurs are the banker of 62 players. But will Harry Kane’s absence prove costly in their game against relegated Huddersfield? The bookies don’t think so as Spurs are 1/6 on to win but stranger things have happened. The remaining players and all their picks to date are below. Best of luck to all. Continue reading

Get your picks in for Round 6

There were just 3 fallers in Round 5 due to Man Utd & Bournemouth failing to win so 84 players still stand! Round 6 starts this coming Friday, April 12, so picks must be sent to us by 9pm on THURSDAY at the very latest from these games:

Leicester v Newcastle, Spurs v Huddersfield, Brighton v Bournemouth, Burnley v Cardiff, Fulham v Everton, Southampton v Wolves, Man Utd v West Ham, Crystal Palace v Man City, Liverpool v Chelsea, Watford v Arsenal. Best of luck.

Round 5 Picks

The picks are in for round 5 from the remaining 87 players (see below). Watford are the most popular choice of 29 players, followed by Chelsea 28, Spurs 12, Leicester 8, Man City 5, Liverpool 2, Man Utd 2 & Bournemouth 1. Best of luck to all. Continue reading

Only 3 fall in Round 4

Just 3 players were knocked out over the weekend due to Brighton & West Ham failing to win, so 87 players move onto round 5 starting tonight. Reminder that selections must be sent in NO LATER than 6pm this evening. Round 5 games are Watford v Fulham, Wolves v Man Utd, Chelsea v Brighton, Man City v Cardiff, Spurs v Crystal Palace, Southampton v Liverpool, Bournemouth v Burnley, Huddersfield v Leicester & Everton v Arsenal. Best of luck.