LAST MAN STANDING returns on Tuesday, February 26.

Be in with a chance to win €500 and make the Premier League more interesting. Challenge your friends, family, team-mates, neighbours, work-mates etc., all while supporting the soccer club. Click the link below to see how you can enter and the competition rules. Complete the entry form and return it with payment to any player, coach, committee member by 9pm on Monday, February 25. OR there are entry forms in O’Sullivan’s Bar, Nicky English Butchers, Kennedy’s Shop or at our lotto stand at Centra on Sunday mornings. OR text or Whatsapp your name & mobile number to 089-4052382 or give your name, mobile number & payment to any committee member, team manager or player.

⚽Before each round, you pick a Premier League team you think will WIN their game.

⚽If your team wins, you are through to the next round, if your team draws or loses, you are eliminated. Last Man Standing wins.

Last Man Standing Entry Form & Rules Feb 2019

Last Man Standing Winner

We have a winner in Last Man Standing!!! Congratulations to Finn Chambers who is the outright winner of Last Man Standing thanks to Newcastle’s 2-1 win today. Hard luck to Robbie Bailey & Denise O’Sullivan who pushed him all the way. Thanks to the 167 entrants. We hope to run another Last Man Standing after Xmas.

Round 11 Update

After today’s games, we still have no winner of Last Man Standing 😳Denise O’Sullivan (Leicester) was looking good with 7 minutes to go but 2 late West Ham goals brought big sighs of relief from Finn Chambers & Robbie Bailey. All 3 now move onto round 12 next week.

Round 11 Picks

The round 11 team picks are in for Last Man Standing from our 3 remaining players. Robbie Bailey & Finn Chambers have gone with West Ham, while Denise O’Sullivan has picked Leicester. Will there still be 3 standing by this evening? Best of luck.

Round 10 Update

Just 3 players remained from the original 167 entrants as we entered Round 10 last weekend. Denise O’Sullivan, Finn Chambers & Robbie Bailey all selected Watford. As their team won all of them move into Round 11. Who will be the last one standing?

Round 10 Picks

Great minds think alike…….The 3 remaining players, Denise O’Sullivan, Finn Chambers & Robbie Bailey have all selected Watford to beat Huddersfield today. If the Hornets win, all go through to round 11 and if they don’t, the €500 will be shared.

Round 9 Update

Just 7 players remained from the original 167 entrants as we entered Round 9 last weekend. By Sunday evening only the 3 players who had selected Everton now remain in with a chance to win €500 due to the failure of Bournemouth, Wolves & West Ham to win their games. Who from Denise O’Sullivan, Finn Chambers & Robbie Bailey will be the last one standing?

Round 9 Picks

The Round 9 picks are in from the 7 players remaining in Last Man Standing. Bournemouth (Aidan Adams & Cillian O’Sullivan), Everton (Denise O’Sullivan, Finn Chambers & Robbie Bailey), West Ham (Frank Eivers), Wolves (Ger Noble). Will we have a winner of the €500 by the end of the weekend? Squeaky bum time. Best of luck to all.

Round 8 Update

The Magnificent Seven are the only players left standing out of the original 167 Last Man Standing entrants. 12 players were eliminated at the weekend, with Burnley costing 9 players their place. The 7 remaining players are Aidan Adams, Denise O’Sullivan, Cillian O’Sullivan, Ger Noble, Finn Chambers, Frank Eivers & Robbie Bailey. Round 9 will take place in 2 week’s time after the International break next weekend.

Round 7 Update

With Bournemouth winning tonight, no players were eliminated from Last Man Standing and all 19 go through to Round 8, all still in with a great chance of winning €500. It’s now getting harder & harder to make the picks. As there is a Friday game this week, the players still left standing must text or WhatsApp their pick to 089 4052382 by 9pm on Thursday. This week’s games are;

Brighton v West Ham, Burnley v Huddersfield, Palace v Wolves, Leicester v Everton, Spurs v Cardiff, Watford v Bournemouth, Man Utd v Newcastle, Fulham v Arsenal, Southampton v Chelsea, Liverpool v Man City.

Round 7 Picks

With just 19 players still standing, the Round 7 picks are in. Spurs are the most popular choice with 8 players pinning their hopes on them beating Huddersfield away. The other picks are Everton (5), Bournemouth (2), Wolves (2), Burnley (1) & Leicester (1). Best of luck everyone.