Round 2 Picks

The team picks are in for round 2 from the 126 remaining players. Resurgent Man Utd are the top choice of 45 players, followed by Wolves 31, Chelsea 21, Brighton 10, Man City 8, Arsenal 3, Burnley 2, West Ham 2 and Bournemouth, Spurs, Leicester & Palace with one apiece. The full list of players and round 1 & 2 team picks are below. Good luck everyone.

Name Round 1 Round 2
Brian Carey Man City Arsenal
Margaret O’Brien Liverpool Arsenal
Pakie Ryan Liverpool Arsenal
Jamie Kennedy Liverpool Bournemouth
Dan Healy Snr Newcastle Brighton
Danny Healy Leicester Brighton
David Dobs O’Brien Arsenal Brighton
Greg Walker Southampton Brighton
Kathleen O’Sullivan Southampton Brighton
Michael Moylan Arsenal Brighton
Paul McEvoy Arsenal Brighton
Paul Ryan Butters Arsenal Brighton
Peter Coleman Man City Brighton
Richard Egan Man Utd Brighton
Elliott Slattery Man City Burnley
John O’Brien Arsenal Burnley
Aidan O’Brien Arsenal Chelsea
Ailbe Coffey Arsenal Chelsea
Andrew Townsie O’Brien Leicester Chelsea
Andy O’Connor Man City Chelsea
Brendan O’Brien Liverpool Chelsea
Brendan Ryan Arsenal Chelsea
Chloe Wilmott Leicester Chelsea
Christy Doyle Liverpool Chelsea
Cyril O’Neill Liverpool Chelsea
Daithi O’Donoghue Man City Chelsea
Dan Powell Arsenal Chelsea
Davy Ryan Man City Chelsea
Finn Chambers Man City Chelsea
Mary Jo O’Sullivan Man City Chelsea
Mike O’Brien Arsenal Chelsea
Owen Healy Man City Chelsea
Richie O’Brien Man City Chelsea
Seamus Rochford Arsenal Chelsea
Sean Ryan Butters Arsenal Chelsea
Thomas Ryan Arsenal Chelsea
Ed Gleeson Arsenal Chelsea
Kate Harvey Man Utd Leicester
Adrian Hurley Liverpool Man City
Dave Kennedy Arsenal Man City
Denise O’Sullivan Man Utd Man City
Eamon Devitt Man Utd Man City
Holly O’Connor Liverpool Man City
Joe Moran Everton Man City
Mike O’Donoghue Liverpool Man City
Vivienne Keane Liverpool Man City
Aidan Sweeney Arsenal Man Utd
Alan Byrne Man City Man Utd
Andy Ryan Man City Man Utd
Brian Chinky Lenihan Arsenal Man Utd
Cathal Ryan Liverpool Man Utd
Chris Carroll Leicester Man Utd
Clodagh O’Sullivan Chelsea Man Utd
Cody O’Connor Man City Man Utd
Daniel Egan Arsenal Man Utd
Darren Collins Arsenal Man Utd
Dave Brett Man City Man Utd
Denis Kennedy Liverpool Man Utd
Dermot Dodo Ryan Liverpool Man Utd
Diarmuid O’Riordan Liverpool Man Utd
DJ O’Brien Man City Man Utd
Eoin Hayes Man City Man Utd
Gavin Ryan Man City Man Utd
Gaylord Harvey Leicester Man Utd
Ger Byrne Man City Man Utd
Ger Lees Arsenal Man Utd
Ger Noble Arsenal Man Utd
Ger O’Brien Arsenal Man Utd
Jack Noble Man City Man Utd
James Lynch Arsenal Man Utd
Jenny Noble Arsenal Man Utd
Joe Hogan Liverpool Man Utd
John Howard Everton Man Utd
Johnny Ryan (B) Man City Man Utd
Katelynn Doyle Man City Man Utd
Keith McIntyre Man City Man Utd
Kevin O’Brien Liverpool Man Utd
Kieran O’Sullivan Man City Man Utd
Killian O’Malley Leicester Man Utd
Mary McIntyre Man City Man Utd
Mattie Lenihan Man City Man Utd
Micheal Lenihan Man City Man Utd
Mike Hogan Man City Man Utd
Noel Moloney Leicester Man Utd
Paudie Devitt Man City Man Utd
Seamus Barry Arsenal Man Utd
Seamus Bridgeman Arsenal Man Utd
Sean Bond O’Brien Man City Man Utd
Shane O’Brien Arsenal Man Utd
Tim Coffey Arsenal Man Utd
Una Murphy O’Brien Man City Man Utd
Willie O’Neill Southampton Palace
Kieran Devitt Liverpool Spurs
Marc Barry Arsenal West Ham
Robbie Bailey Arsenal West Ham
Adrian Coffey Man City Wolves
Andy Gleeson Man City Wolves
Ann Fitzgerald Arsenal Wolves
Brian Clemy O’Sullivan Southampton Wolves
Chloe Powell Everton Wolves
Christy O’Connor Arsenal Wolves
Daniel Carew Arsenal Wolves
Denis O’Sullivan Liverpool Wolves
Eamonn Moloney Everton Wolves
Gearoid Collins Everton Wolves
Ger Herbie Healy Arsenal Wolves
Ger Lenihan Leicester Wolves
Hugh McLoughlin Man City Wolves
James Collins Man City Wolves
Jason Croker Arsenal Wolves
Jay Ryan Man City Wolves
Jody Lenihan Arsenal Wolves
John Forde Leicester Wolves
John Healy Arsenal Wolves
John O’Carroll Man City Wolves
John Ryan Glencree Leicester Wolves
Jonathan Coyle Man City Wolves
Mairead Quinlivan Liverpool Wolves
Mike Quirke Liverpool Wolves
Nathan Hartigan Man City Wolves
Patsy Hogan Leicester Wolves
Peter O’Sullivan Liverpool Wolves
Sean Ryan (Ballinahinch) Arsenal Wolves
Stephen Carroll Arsenal Wolves
Stephen Walpole Arsenal Wolves
Tom O’Malley Arsenal Wolves